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Molecular Biology

Articles relating to Molecular Biology:

  Changing the Language of DNA
   by Jed Shimizu
  Quadruplet codons expand the genetic code, allowing researchers to work with unnatural amino acids

  DNA Fingerprinting in the Standardization of Herbs and Nutraceuticals
   by Harish Vasudevan
  Basic DNA fingerprinting techniques and how they are used in the nutraceutical industry

  BAC Vectors
   by Kevin She
  Giant BAC vectors allow researchers to use very large clones.

   Genetics of Sex & Gender Identity
by Tammy L. Romanuik

  A look at the role played by genetics in the determination of sex and gender identity. more 
  Genetics of Intelligence
   by Farnoosh Tayyari

  How genes influence the development of intelligence

   Genetic Studies of Aging & Longevity in model organisms
   by Ji Yuan

  Model systems such as C. elegans are used in studies of longevity. more 
   A Brief Tour of DNA fingerprinting
   by Christine Antler

  What is exactly are they looking at when a DNA fingerprint is done? more 

A Monks Flourishing Garden
   by D. M. Secko

   A short introduction to the history of molecular biology. more 
  Restriction Endonucleases
   by M. Simmer & D. Secko

  A description of the discovery and use of restriction enzymes. more 
  Antisense RNA
   by Christine Antler
  From a deeper shade of purple to commercial food production, aRNA can be used to inhibit the synthesis of specific targeted proteins.

  A Yeast Two-Hybrid System
   by Solmaz Sobhanifar

  Using yeast and plasmids to investigate how proteins interact within the cell. more 
  Painless Gene Expression Profiling
   by Chan Ho Song    & Michelle Wyse
  SAGE (Serial Analysis of Gene Expresson) provides a rapid means of determining all of the transcripts present within a cell and is capable of providing scientists with a functional profile of gene expression.

  Identifying DNA, RNA, or Proteins
   by Christine Antler

  A quick overview of the Southern Blot. more 
  Flow Cytometry
   by Megan Simmer
  Flow cytometry is a technology that allows a single cell to be measured and sorted based on a variety of characteristics.

  Mass Spectrometry
   by Alexander    Schramm

  What is mass spectrometry? more 
  Polymerase Chain Reaction
   by Christine Antler

  What is PCR and how is it used? more 
  Targeting your DNA with the Cre/lox System
   by Alfred    Pechisker

  How Cre/lox works and why it is important. more 
  Spot your Genes—An Overview of the MicroArray
   by B. Coe &
   C. Antler

  Enter the microarray: a technological advance that within the last 7 or 8 years has allowed scientists to study many, if not all, of an organism’s genes at once more 
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