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Cell Biology

Articles relating to Cell Biology:


   by Phillip Yau

   Describes the pathways leading to apoptosis, and implications for cancer and HIV more 

Cell Surface Receptors: A Biological Conduit for Information Transfer
   by D. M. Secko

   An introduction to the various types of Cell Surface Receptors more 

Conversing at the Cellular Level
   by D. M. Secko

   An introduction to signal transduction. more 
  Protein Phosphorylation
   by D. M. Secko

  A global regulator of cellular protein activity. more 
  G Proteins
   by D. M. Secko

  Molecular switches for sensing the environment. more 
  The Cell Cycle
   by D. M. Secko

  An introduction to mitosis and cytokenesis. more 
   by B. Stott & M. Wyse
  "Oncogenes are mutated genes that contribute to cancer development by disrupting a cell's ability to control its own growth and DNA repair mechanisms."

  Studying Gene Function
   by H. Walinski

  The creation and use of knockout mice. more 
   A Visual Slice of the Cellular World
   by Nana Rezai
  To the small world of the cell, confocal microscopy is a major advance upon normal light microscopy since it allows one to visualize not only deep into cells and tissues, but to also create images in three dimensions more 

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