February 20th to 24th, 2023 | AMBL

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Previewing of videos: In the past, I would have given these lectures in class, but our feedback suggested that the amount of lecturing (along with the practical exercises) can be overwhelming. Furthermore, due to timing, many of the in person lectures would occur after the experiment had already started. Consequently, we’re adopting a hybrid model, where lectures have been pre-recorded so that you can watch ahead of time. For best pedagogy, please watch these videos in the order and timing suggested. Note that lecture content gets less intense as the week progresses.

Before Monday, Feb 20th:
Replication_01 (52min) | PCR_video_01 (37min) | PCR_video-02 (89min)

Before Tuesday, Feb 21st:
cloning_video_01 (56min) | cloning_video-02 (62min) | NGS01_video_01 (25min)

Before Wednesday, Feb 22nd:
RNA_video_01 (47min) | RNA_video_02 (32min) | NGS02_video (51min)

Before Thursday, Feb 23rd:
plasmid_prep_video_01 (25min) | SDS-PAGE_video_01 (30min)

Before Friday, Feb 24th:
Western_video_01 (35min)

Next Gen Sequencing data link: (will provide when we’ve done the experiment)