Evoke Curiosity

Infuse your science curriculum with the excitement of discovery and inquiry-based learning. MSL is piloting a new program directed at teacher candidates to help infuse the nature of science into your classroom. This full-day workshop will provide teacher candidates with games, activities, and frameworks for developing a fun, exploratory curriculum to bring out the curious scientist in all of your students. We’re not just teaching science, we’re teaching a way of thinking, learning, and knowing.

We have fantastic lab facilities, great speakers, and strong expertise in Nature of Science curricula development. We are looking for collaborative partners to help prepare the next generation of teachers to bring curiosity, exploration, and the nature of science to classroom education. To express your interest in partnering with us please contact Dr. Joanne Fox at joanne@msl.ubc.ca.

We are also currently accepting proposals for hosting small group workshops for teachers. The idea is that AMBL can host 15-20 teachers here at UBC for the day, help organize programming, facilitate sessions, and offer our expertise into the mix. We have at our fingertips great facilities, expert speakers, laptops, experience with curricula development, publishing, online tools, and teaching. What we need now is ideas from you, the teachers.

To express your interest in participating in one of these workshops and/or to suggest an idea for a workshop, please email Dr. Joanne Fox at joanne@msl.ubc.ca. We’re looking for a one paragraph pitch that outlines, “What do you want to do?” “Who you’re going to bring?” and “When you want to come?”

Small Group Teacher Workshops – What would you want to do?

Here’s some ideas collected from teachers at our 2009 Teacher Conference.

A workshop on sustainable practices, aimed at Science 10 & Sustainable Resources 12 – Tour facilities at UBC like green roofs & water recovery. Develop an activity where students design a building or living space implementing what they have learned.

Blogging for Teachers. A workshop on making our own blogs. How to get started? Hands-on help. Set up blogs as a way to collaborate on developing, distributing, and sharing teaching materials for subject areas in BC curricula.

Curricula Development Workshops. Develop/share teaching activities, hands-on activities for the classroom.
Suggested Areas:

  1. Plants! How to make it more interesting and relevant.
  2. Bioengineering, Electricity & Household power. Many students find the household stuff boring. How can we make this content more engaging.
  3. Development of more hands-on activities in Science 10 ecology unit. For example, how to take a field study and publish it electronically, mapping it etc?