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To Learn More About the syllabus and registration details of our next Molecular Biology Workshop Session (June 19 - 23, 2023), please click here.

Professional Workshops

AMBL currently organizes and offers a limited number of advanced workshops directly aimed at researchers. This program currently includes a well received workshop on molecular techniques, past workshops on transgenic mice production, and PCR based techniques, as well as newly developed offerings focusing on bioinformatics. Information for our workshops can be found here – generally speaking workshops are held during the summer months (between May and July), or during the UBC midterm break (mid February).

"Excellent workshop! Very good review of the molecular biology techniques. Dave makes the theory very clear and interesting. Also takes time to answer specific questions/issues regarding personal ongoing projects. The workshop will definitely help for future troubleshooting. Thanks!"

− Chantale André, Environment Canada

"Excellent review of the pertinent techniques. Easy way to conceptualize my readings and correlate with clinical use. Dr. Ng is extremely knowledgable, entertaining, and provides useful tips on how to use techniques in real-life situations."

− Dr. Edward Lum, M.D. Vancouver.

"Awesome! Excellent mix of theory and practice. Dave keeps it interesting, well-paced and fun. Great for people new to molecular biology techniques, or people needing a quick refresher and updating to current methods."

− Dr. Ann Marie Davison, Biology, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

"I don’t think this much info could be done any better in this timeframe!"

− Keith Turner, Program Head, BCIT Biotechnology, British Columbia Institute of Technology

"The workshop went far beyond my expectations. I now feel ready to introduce several new techniques to my lab, but beyond that, I will now be better able to teach my class in September. Dave is a fantastic teacher, and I can only hope that some of that will have rubbed off."

− Matt S. Ramer, Asoociate Professor Department of Zoology/Neuroscience, British Columbia Neurotrauma Fund Chair

AMBL is also available for contracting out services involving professional development within other communities. We provide both hands-on workshops and lecture style presentations for individuals interested in learning some of the sciencific aspects of a particular scientific genre. These workshops have been held with audiences as diverse as the teachers, business community, politicians, priests, artists, bee keepers, journalists, and scientists in the developing world context.


Both Joanne Fox and David Ng are heavily involved in various projects within the UBC Campus Community. This includes research related to student learning and perspectives in scientific literacy.

Student Learning:
Joanne is interested in methods that enhance student learning. This research dovetails her activities as the past Director of the First Year Science Seminar project, co-lead with the UBC MIX program, and her current status as physical science’s lead at UBC’s Vantage College.

Perspectives in Scientific Literacy:
David is currently exploring connections between concepts of science and creativity. In particular, what do children think about science, and whether this idea of science includes their understanding of what it means to be “creative?” If not, how does this affect their interest in scientific things? In collaboration with Dr. Marie-Claire Shanahan (from the University of Alberta), he is currently initiating a project that aims to look at these questions, and provide formative ways of researching the intersection of science and creativity. For more information, please click here. (Open Research Blog also available here).