Leads: (2016) UBC GEERingUp (Jane MacGillivray and Rita Wang), Jon Nakane, David Ng (host), Kim Werker, Holman Wang.

Collaborators: GEERing Up! (UBC Engineering), Cozy Classics, Maker Media, Maker Media, Might Ugly (Kim werker), UBC Engineering Physics, UBC Michael Smith Laboratories, Vancouver Maker Foundation.

Time: 9am to 3:30pm
Dates: July 4th to 8th (M-F), 2016
Age Level: Girls, 11 to 13 years old (entering grades 7 to 8 in the fall)

Running Late? Please call the lab at 604-822-2809

Max Participants: 24 max
Meeting Spot: AMBL lab (Rm 105) within the Michael Smith Building (directions)

Cost: Free

STay tune for our next Maker Camp during the summer of 2017. Dates announcement and registration usually occur on the same day as the start of Vancouver Maker Faire.

Maker Camp 2014 | 2015 | 2016

Text from this past workshop: The University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Maker Foundation are pleased to announce our third annual Maker Camp. Like last year, due to funding logistics, this one will be a girls only* camp and will be held during the week of July 4th to 8th, 2016. Like before, it will be hosted at UBC’s Michael Smith Laboratories.

Space is free and available for 24 girls, ages 11 to 13 years old (about to enter Grades 7 to 8 in the fall). Program runs daily from 9am to 3:30pm, with a 30 minute lunch break in the middle. Transportation to and from UBC, as well as lunch/snacks is not provided. Since this is a free workshop, please ensure that your child can attend the whole camp.

Note that permissions will also be required so that we can document and publicize some of the activities, as well as participate in the MakerCamp program. Furthermore, this year there is a research project attached to the camp where the lab will be trying to determine the impact of equity oriented maker programs such as these. Girls participation in the research element is not required to be part of the Maker Camp, but will be greatly appreciated as it will help us work towards improving future versions of the camp.


Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 2.49.56 PM


1. Arduino Programming:
Girls will learn how to code using the arduino chips, such that they can create their own devices that can output a response due to input from a sensor. In our case, we will be working towards building an action figure toy that will react depending on particular stimulus.

2. Metal Workshop:
This activity led by Jon Nakane will get the girls to familiarize themselves with tools, and especially tools that are used to cut metal frameworks. This is often the scenario if one is building a robot for instance! In any event, hopefully girls can apply some of these techniques to even shaping pieces of cardboard which can be combined with their knowledge of the arduino to create new devices!

3. The Rube Goldberg Challenge!
We did this two years ago, and it was a hoot! Essentially, the girls will work in teams to create an epic Rube Goldberg machine. They will have time throughout the week to work on this, where the contraptions will be scored on a point system. On the last day, there will be a showdown to see which Rube Goldberg device wins!

4. Creature Feature Workshop:
Kids will join Kim Werker, author of “Mighty Ugly,” as she guides them through the process of crafting an “ugly doll.” This is a great exercise that not only shows the kids how to make a creature/figure, a sort of “flawed hero,” with all sorts of materials; but it also stands as an excellent meta-experience that talks about how you can positively bring a person’s own personality and attitude into the art of making things.

5. Needle Felting!
Holman Wang, the artist behind the Cozy Classics publishing phenomenon, will visit to show the girls how to needle felt and make their awesome own creations.

6. Speaker Stories: (TBA)
We’re also hoping to include a number of short visits from women scientists, engineers, and artistic creators who can share what they do, and talk a bit about their careers in general.

We are now full, and collecting names for our waitlist (click on this button). Because the workshop is free, we do usually have a few spots open up as we get closer to the dates.


* If you have a boy that is interested in similar programming, we highly encourage you to explore registration into one of our collaborator’s workshops (http://www.geeringup.apsc.ubc.ca/). As well, please be aware that we also have an inclusive view of the word “girl” and we welcome trans, genderqueer, and non-binary folks interested in the workshop.