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“This is an excellent overview of some of the most widely used bioinformatics tools. It presents several survival bioinformatics skills but opens your eyes to how much more there is out there and how you can access these tools and information.”
Jessica McLellan, Medical Genetics, UBC

2010 Workshop Participants describe the workshop:
This a rare opportunity to get ahead of the curve in learning about commonly used bioinformatics tools without having a strong bioinformatics background. The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and charismatic, and the course was very enjoyable.

I really needed an overview of bioinformatics tools. It was really exciting to discover how many resources are available to address many points of my current research.

This 3 day Bioinformatics workshop provides a great introduction and very practical tips for efficiently navigating different tools to answer a variety of biological questions. The complementarity of the different approaches was covered well. Joanne is an excellent instructor explaining things very clearly and a great listener to the student’s questions.

“This was an excellent workshop for researchers who have been using bioinformatics search engines in the past, but haven’t been using them to their full potential. I learned many new tips and tricks that will save me a lot of time in the future. An added bonus was learning how tools like BLAST actually work at the bare bones level. A great workshop!”
Adam Warner, Department of Zoology, UBC

The workshop was extremely beneficial in providing valuable insight into tools that are readily available but not necessarily obvious to the bioinformatically untrained. I look forward to applying what I have learned to my research which should improve in both efficacy and efficiency.
Curtis Hughesman, Chemical and Biological Engineering, UBC

2009 Workshop Participants describe the workshop:

A fairly intensive course that managed to achieve a good mix between overview information and in depth details. Therefore, it highly recommendable for scientists who are new to the field of bioinformatics and provides and ideal starting point to gain further practical knowledge using bioinformatic tools. It also provided information specific to participants individual requirements.

Incredible way of fast learning about the most popular bioinformatics tools available, as well as practical examples that open a big world of ideas of how to make research. I feel much more confident now that I can quickly hone in on pertinent information and understand what I retrieve. This workshop was extremely valuable in calling my attention to many of the resources available in the public domain and how to use features I was not previously aware of. It is worth the time for this workshop!