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“This workshop was pretty much a “well-oiled machine.” Despite the massive amount of information contained and the diverse backgrounds of the people taking it, an amazing job of teaching was done.”
(Lily Khadempour – Forintek Canada Corp)

“Thanks for the great job! I would definitely advise other scientists to take this workshop, especially those who want to refresh their molecular biology material, and get a lot of useful and practical information quickly.”
(Joanna Sliwowska – Dept. of Cellular and Physiological Sciences, UBC).

“The course was great and it exceeded my expectations! I liked the mix of lab work, lecture, and I enjoyed the fun activities that were mixed in. I really appreciate the time and effort in designing the course.”
(Robyn Wood – Vancouver Community College).

“Theory was explained very clearly and I appreciated the freedom to ask as many questions as you wanted. I really enjoyed listening to the lectures, since they were interspersed with much humour.”
(Debbie Wong – BC BioLabs).

“Greater than A+! Given a taste of this stuff, now I want more!”
(Victor Viau – Dept. of Cellular and Physiological Sciences, UBC).