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Registration is now closed. This year, we limited conference spaces to six students from the same school. We do have a waiting list. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please fill out an online registration form here (once per student, please). We will get back to you via email if we’re able to offer you a spot. If you’re already on the list and are unable to attend, please email Dr. Joanne Fox at joanne@msl.ubc.ca right away so that we can give your spot to another student.


Here’s the list of confirmed conference attendees:

First NameLast NameGradeSchool Name
DanaSimardGrade 11Brentwood College
DaveMcCarthyTeacherBrentwood College
DanielHilhorstGrade 10Brentwood College
CatherineWilsonGrade 12Brentwood College
AronZahradkaGrade 11Brentwood College
AlexanderLukasGrade 10Brentwood College
MiguelRaz Guzman MacedoGradeBrentwood College
AnneliseHutchinsonGradeBrentwood College
ConradParkGradeBrentwood College
SebBielGradeBrentwood College
AlexTaoGrade 12David Thompson Secondary
VanessaBuiGrade 11David Thompson Secondary
MasonLamGrade 11David Thompson Secondary
MichealJakovacGrade 10Deer Lake SDA
ColinWongGrade 9Deer Lake SDA
IsabelAntonioGrade 11Deer Lake SDA
TiffanyHuangGrade 11Deer Lake SDA
MichelleLeeGrade 11Deer Lake SDA
JennisSinglaGrade 11Deer Lake SDA
LesterLorensonTeacherDeer Lake SDA
SuchanLeeGrade 12Heritage Woods Secondary
JennyaSurGrade 12Heritage Woods Secondary
AdamOsuchowskiGrade 12Heritage Woods Secondary
JulianaHernandezGrade 12Heritage Woods Secondary
KacyParkGrade 11Heritage Woods Secondary
AmeliaLeeGrade 11Heritage Woods Secondary
JosephMacGuireGrade 8John Paul II Catholic School
TatyannaKuruczGrade 8John Paul II Catholic School
JamieKormanGrade 11John Paul II Catholic School
JoelMitchellGrade 8John Paul II Catholic School
KathyKormanTeacherJohn Paul II Catholic School
StephanieNgGrade 12Kitsilano Secondary
JanineReevesGrade 12Kitsilano Secondary
CynthiaTanGrade 12Kitsilano Secondary
CherylKristiansenTeacherMitchell Odyssey Foundation
SavannaHermanGrade 11Pitt Meadows Secondary
ShallyKimTeacherPitt-Meadows Secondary
StellaKwonGrade 12Pitt-Meadows Secondary
JenniferHowardTeacherPitt-Meadows Secondary
SusieTaylorGrade 11Pitt-Meadows Secondary
Student#5Grade 11Pitt-Meadows Secondary
StefanieBissettGrade 11Pitt-Medows Secondary
JessicaCheungGrade 12Port Moody Secondary School
CrystalLawGrade 12Port Moody Secondary School
IrisHoGrade 12Port Moody Secondary School
AliceLiangGrade 12Port Moody Secondary School
YangYouGrade 12Port Moody Secondary School
KristineBestGrade 12Port Moody Secondary School
StacieThiessenGrade 9Quamichan Middle School
SydneyBednarikGrade 9Quamichan Middle School
TabiStevensGrade 9Quamichan Middle School
AmandaLeSergentGrade 9Quamichan Middle School
HeatherDerocherGrade 9Quamichan Middle School
GeoffDrewTeacherQuamichan Middle School
DrewMcCarthyGrade 9Quamichan Middle School
KellyTrachGrade 10Rockridge Secondary School
JillianTrachGrade 8Rockridge Secondary School
ClaireTrachParentRockridge Secondary School
RaajChatterjeeGrade 8Surrey Connect
MariaRaycroftTeacherSurrey Connect
PaigeGowensGrade 9Surrey Connect
ConradBurgertGrade 8Surrey Connect
EvanRogersGrade 8Surrey Connect
ConnorRogersGrade 9Surrey Connect
RyanMcCaigGrade 8Surrey Connect
IkramOsmanGrade 9Surrey Connect
SarahBoweringGrade 11Terry Fox Seconary
MichelleNingGrade 12Terry Fox Secondary
SheilaMarshallTeacherTerry Fox Secondary
AndrewDucholkeGrade 11Terry Fox Secondary
AshleyFowlerGrade 11Terry Fox Secondary
DanielWallbaumGrade 11Terry Fox Secondary
PeterChunGrade 11Terry Fox Secondary
MeaganLensGrade 11Terry Fox Secondary
KatieSutherlandGrade 11Terry Fox Secondary
BrandonWongGrade 11Terry Fox Secondary
SarahLaljiGrade 11Terry Fox Secondary
KaeiliYuzicapiGrade 11Terry Fox Secondary
JamesMagnussonGrade 11Terry Fox Secondary
FarihaSiddiquiGrade 11Terry Fox Secondary
KaitlynHortonGrade 11Terry Fox Secondary
BrandonWongGrade 11Terry Fox Secondary
AmandaMartinsGrade 11Terry Fox Secondary
JenniferNguyenGrade 11Terry Fox Secondary
EmilyChantGrade 11Terry Fox Secondary
tylerwuGrade 10University Hill Secondary
MarioSiroticGrade 9University Hill Secondary
RobertPengGrade 10University Hill secondary
XuanNgoTeacherUniversity Hill Secondary
JulieTsaiGrade 10University Hill Secondary
NandhiniSankhyanGrade 10University Hill Secondary
AmyWuGrade 9University Hill Secondary
AndreaWongGrade 11York House School
RachaelGoddard-RebsteinGrade 12York House School
BriannaHortonGrade 10York House School
CaitlinWoodGrade 10York House School
GraceHsuGrade 10York House School
HelenMeiGrade 10York House School
AdoraWongGrade 11York House School

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